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Website maintenance

Your business is constantly changing, shouldn't your web site also be constantly changing!

Studies have shown that companies which outsource their support services are more efficient and profitable than those who do it in-house.

We provide the easiest, fastest and best way to outsource the support services your business needs. We will implement your specific needs in a timely fashion.

Why outsource?

  •  Reduced Costs
  •  Better Value for Money
  •  Improved Quality of Service
  •  Expertise
  •  Reduced Management
  •  Structure
  •  Increased Flexibility
  •  Improve Efficiency
  •  Focus on Core Processes
  •  Less Drain on Resources

A maintenance retainer with Dapper Technologies will reduce your in-house costs and keep your web site up to date. All work is performed by our experienced in-house staff. We offer web site maintenance contracts between 5 and 160 hours per month.

All maintenance request are submitted through our Proquest System™. The Proquest System™ is a fast, efficient way to track, organize and communicate your work request with Dapper . Maintenance request are generally completed in hours; not days.

At a glance you will be able to see the status of any request. You can also watch the work in progress and approve or modify it before it goes live.

With our Proquest System™ you can:

  •  Make a work request
  •  Modify an existing work request
  •  Approve a request
  •  Upload a file
  •  Keep track of total hours per request
  •  Keep track of total monthly hours
  •  Keep a 'paper trail' and accountability of all work requests
  •  View archived request

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